LG 29WK600 : a middle range W-LED television set

29WK600 from LG – Presentation of this Full HD

The firm LG is deciding today to launch a new mid-range model with its 29WK600.
In its 29 inches model , this television offers a definition dedicated to the pictures treatment.
In spite of this size, the rendering and the picture result are good, without a doubt by means of the technology used .
This television is delivered with a  Full HD resolution.  With a diagonal of 29 inches, this mid-range model canbe considered as a rather cheap television .
Has the LG succeeded in the challenge of an efficient television set. This is what we are going to see just after .

The design of the LG 29WK600

The LG 29WK600 with its simple design is an interesting alternative for anyone who wants an elegant television set in the mid-range segment.
Nothing has changed in the design of this new model. LG continues to ride the wave of its design to which we are now accustomed.
The shapes are balanced and the overall rendering is beautiful to look at. A successful mid-range model.
The LG 29WK600 is rather flat.
With a size of 29 inches, As far as the base is concerned, there are also things to say. It is perfectly integrated with the screen and gives a general feeling of balance.In addition, its support is in the shape of a pedestal.
A noteworthy innovation for this model is the use of the Slim Metal Design technology.
In conclusion, LG has worked seriously on the design of this TV set. It’s efficient and it will allow you with this 29WK600 to have a beautiful object in your living room.

29WK600 from LG – The screen

The LG could hardly do better than this 29WK600 with a W-LED screen.
With this new model, LG confirms one of its technological choices. 
This model has a Full HD display. This resolution is clearly better than what is generally done.
LG presents this 29WK600 with a screen of 29 inches; this television is positioned in the range of small models.Whatever the characteristics, it is still a beautiful screen. On this point, don’t worry.
Designed with a frequency of 56 Hz, the television’s fluidity is at the top of its range.
Even better, thanks to its advanced technology, the screen of this television provides a Full HD quality resolution.
Thus, the LG 29WK600 allows you to watch everyday movies and videos without necessarily wanting it to be a home theater level. It’s a decent mid-range.

29WK600 from LG – The sound

A brief listening allows us to see that it does not work miracles. The sound is far from exceptional. That’s enough for TV shows, but not for home theater showings.
For the sound part, the television set is equipped with two baffles and provides a sound power of 5 W.

The sound quality of this TV is average. Don’t push the volume too hard, you’d be disappointed.

29WK600 from LG – Embedded intelligence

You will also be able to access the Internet, either through your Wi-Fi connection, or for the most geek among you via the LAN; you will then be able to download a whole bunch of applications and movies.

The connection system of the LG 29WK600

As for the connectivity aspect on LG 29WK600, it provides you with sufficient elements.
In this price range, this TV offers a higher number of connections than most of its competitors.

This model has a total of 4 connections, not too bad. Almost all the devices in your home can be connected: the box, the game console, a multimedia server, and many other devices, in addition to your DVD or Blu-ray player.

In clear, the connections available on this model are:
2 HDMI ports, 2 antenna inputs

Technical characteristics of the LG 29WK600

Here is a summary of the technical characteristics of the television set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 21/9
Sizes of the television without stand 67.2 cm x 28.3 cm x 7.6 cm
Screen size in inches 29
Screen resolution Full HD
Display system W-LED
Display frequency 56
Sound power 5
Wifi Yes
Tuners available
Number of tuners 0
Number of USB ports 0
Number of HDMI ports 2
Number of audio outputs 0
Number of audio inputs 0
HDR Compatible Yes
VESA compatibility Yes
Power consumption 25 W

29WK600 from LG – The conclusion

With the intention of making a difference this new 29WK600 LG intends to make a difference. Well thought out and well finished. This mid-range is a wise choice.
Besides that, you have a TV set whose big advantage is its very competitive price. At this level, you have a TV that displays all your video sources correctly and allows you to have a very well defined picture in all circumstances.

Finally, we will note all the positive points that are to be added to the credit of this television set. Here are 3 that I find interesting:
the depth of the colours, the sound power, the display frequency.