LG 43UN73906LЕ : the best television set Direct LED ?

LG 43UN73906LЕ : the new Ultra HD 4K

LG ranks among the important actors on the television market, and proposes with this 43UN73906LЕ, an interesting screen tested by our Laboratory.
This television is delivered with a  Ultra HD 4K resolution.  With a diagonal of 42.5 inches, this mid-range model canbe considered as a rather cheap television .
Has the LG succeeded in the challenge of an efficient television set. This is what we are going to see just after .

TV design presentation LG 43UN73906LЕ

Sober but in line with current trends. LG has asked its design office to make a product that tends towards the top range, but remains affordable.
A product that is correct in view of its price. A sleek but effective design. It has the potential to compete with other TV sets on the market.
A mid-range television set that relies heavily on its design and the quality of its materials; arguments that LG has been promoting for some time now on these products. All this for a price that stays contained.

The screen of the LG 43UN73906LЕ

The LG has a correct and well-calibrated image quality, but you have to do with a limited native contrast that is suitable for daytime viewing; forget about home theater programs in the dark.
LG remains anchored in its technological choices and decides to equip its new television set with it. The quality of the LED gives an excellent rendering. 
With regard to the display, the company proposes a Ultra HD 4K resolution. In the end, it is interesting to note that beyond the size, the screen is well made. A point to add when choosing between this model and other competitors.
With a frequency of 50 Hz, the television’s fluidity is in the middle of its range.
Even better, thanks to its advanced technology, the screen of this television provides a Ultra HD 4K quality resolution.
My opinion to conclude on the display part. It’s in the range, without flourish or excess. An additional choice in the mid-range.

43UN73906LЕ from LG – The sound

The LG 43UN73906LЕ is not satisfied with displaying stunning image quality. Indeed, it also pleasantly surprised us with its well-made audio performance.
The television set is equipped with  two speakers and a power output of 10 W.

The sound quality of this TV is average. Don’t push the volume too hard, you’d be disappointed.

43UN73906LЕ from LG – Embedded intelligence

It has almost become a habit for LG, this 43UN73906LЕ has its operating system webOS 5 installed; it allows you to explore a whole universe of entertainment.
With its Wifi or network connection (local LAN), this TV gives you the possibility to download apps or movies directly. An interesting option in the age of the cloud and online games.
This software environment innovates on the LG 43UN73906LЕ with a new feature: control the television set with voice. Indeed, thanks to the voice control function, it is possible to change channels, TV sources, turn the TV volume up or down just by talking to it. Isn’t that convenient?

Presentation of the connection technology of LG 43UN73906LЕ

This television LG 43UN73906LЕ offers a rather classical connectivity : mixed inputs HDMI, the ports as well as the audio are available on this model.
In this price range, this TV offers a higher number of connections than most of its competitors.

It is with 10 possible connections that this 43UN73906LЕ is presented. The LG 43UN73906LЕ is probably the best choice today. Most homes are now equipped with a box, a game console, a multimedia server, and other devices, in addition to the simple DVD player.
In detail here are the available connections:
2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, 4 antenna inputs, 1 composite plug (Y/Pb/Pr)

Presentation of the technical features of the LG 43UN73906LЕ

The main features of this TV set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 85
Screen size in inches 42.5
Screen resolution Ultra HD 4K
Display system Direct LED
Display frequency 50
Sound power 10
Wifi Yes
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-S DVB-S2 DVB-C 
Number of tuners 5
Number of USB ports 2
Number of HDMI ports 3
Component Input (YpbPr) Yes
HDR Compatible Yes
VESA compatibility Yes
PVR Available Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet Yes
Power consumption 70 W

To conclude on the LG 43UN73906LЕ

The overall feeling about the product is satisfactory, it is not the best on the market, but it still allows to have an efficient television set.
With its Direct LED panel, this TV is doing better than average. The lighting is uniform.
This 4K TV can also boast near-perfect picture quality, as well as clear, aesthetic and powerful sound reproduction.

If there are any positive points to remember, here are 3 interesting ones:
the display frequency, the sound power, the depth of the colours.

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