OCEANIC 3612403879656 : a good Direct-LED television ?

OCEANIC 3612403879656 : the new Full HD

The firm OCEANIC is deciding today to launch a new mid-range model with its 3612403879656.
A quick glimpse at the specification sheet : 21.5 inches.
Small but tough ; hopefully seeing its size , it will perhaps follow you (house move or holidays…). Good opportunities to test its reliability in the long run.
In addition this OCEANIC displays a Full HD resolution.  Attractive, user friendly, minimum bulk , quality image and sound, everything has been carefully finalized in this television, in order to make a nearly perfect product.
Through our review today, you will understand why the OCEANIC 3612403879656 is ranked among the best TVs of the moment.

3612403879656 from OCEANIC – Design

Sober but in line with current trends. OCEANIC has asked its design office to make a product that tends towards the top range, but remains affordable.
A product that is correct in view of its price. A sleek but effective design. It has the potential to compete with other TV sets on the market.
In short, the OCEANIC has really succeeded the design aspect of this TV, which does not go unnoticed no matter where it is installed. If when turned off it has such an effect, the sensations take on a whole new dimension when the screen of the OCEANIC 3612403879656 is revealed.

The screen of the OCEANIC 3612403879656

The OCEANIC has a correct and well-calibrated image quality, but you have to do with a limited native contrast that is suitable for daytime viewing; forget about home theater programs in the dark.
With this new 3612403879656 OCEANIC, the company makes an assumed technological choice. 
This model has a Full HD display. This resolution is clearly better than what is generally done.
And with his 21.5 inches, he’s in a series of TVs that belongs to the series of small models in its range.At the same time, we are dealing with a nice display on the screen.
OCEANIC chooses a frequency of 60 Hz, this makes this TV set better positioned than its competitors. A perfectly synchronized image that will delight you for your home cinema.
In addition, OCEANIC has decided to use its mastery of advanced technology on this device, which allows it to benefit from a high quality Full HD image resolution.
In conclusion on the display, with the 3612403879656 OCEANIC makes the choice of the mid-range. No more.

The sound of the OCEANIC 3612403879656

It is the custom to say that a good sound comes from a device with a lot of watts, however OCEANIC has managed to combine average audio system power with very good sound quality.
The television set is equipped with  two baffles with 3 W at output.

Finally, if we have to summarize the sound of the 3612403879656 OCEANIC, it is the word correct that comes out.

The Intelligent aspect of the OCEANIC 3612403879656

To smart TV aficionados, keep moving on. This model does not have one. In case you can’t do without it, and this 3612403879656 is your final choice, you will need to add a TV-Box next to it.

3612403879656 from OCEANIC – Its connectivity

This television OCEANIC 3612403879656 offers a rather classical connectivity : mixed inputs HDMI, the ports as well as the audio are available on this model.
In this TV range, the 3612403879656’s offers are among the widest choice of connectors. This TV has more than most of its competitors.

It is with 6 possible connections that this 3612403879656 is presented. The OCEANIC 3612403879656 is thus at the very top of its range. The choices offered by its connections are simply enormous.

In detail here are the available connections:
1 USB port, 1 HDMI port, 1 audio output, 1 audio input, 1 headphone socket, 1 antenna input

Technical characteristics of the OCEANIC 3612403879656

Here is a summary chart of the technical features of the TV:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 51 cm x 34 cm x 5.6 cm
Screen size in inches 21.5
Screen resolution Full HD
Display system Direct-LED
Display frequency 60
Sound power 3
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 
Number of tuners 1
Number of USB ports 1
Number of HDMI ports 1
Number of audio outputs 1
Number of audio inputs 1

Our conclusion on the OCEANIC 3612403879656

The overall feeling about the product is satisfactory, it is not the best on the market, but it still allows to have an efficient television set.
Negative point on this 3612403879656 is the absence of smart tv. It’s surprising in this day and age. But since we’re in a low-end product, why not.
Besides that, you have a TV set whose big advantage is its very competitive price. At this level, you have a TV that displays all your video sources correctly and allows you to have a very well defined picture in all circumstances.

Finally, we will note all the positive points that are to be added to the credit of this television set. Here are 3 that I find interesting:
the sound power, the display frequency, the screen size.