Slim TV 22 : Kiano is back with a TV set LED

What is the new Kiano Slim TV 22 worth ?

The new available television already on sale , the Kiano Slim TV 22 is a basic product. But in spite of this handicap it doesn’t prove unworthy. Let’s see how it is possible..
Beside, this television is equipped with a HD resolution.  From our point of view it is interesting. Given the price, this model appears as a good choice. Not too expensive but anyway it is made with elements which we think will withstand in the long run .
You wish to buy it ? After reading our analysis, you will have all the elements to know if it is a good choice.

TV design presentation Kiano Slim TV 22

The first thing we always do is to analyze the design since it is the first thing that is obvious and also because it is important.
Innovation. This seems to be the key word given by Kiano to characterize the Slim TV 22.
Who said that entry-level products could not benefit from quality design? That’s the thought we can face each other with this TV set. That nothing is impossible for Kiano.
it has a typical piano black color.
In conclusion, even if design is important, it is not on this point that we judge the Slim TV 22. You can put it in your living room ,it will not look out of place.

The screen of the Kiano Slim TV 22

Even on an entry-level model, the display restitution on this Kiano works very well. The image is faithful and allows to benefit from a clear rendering, without distorting the original source.
Kiano remains anchored in its technological choices and decides to equip its new television set with it. 
With regard to the display, the company proposes a HD resolution. At the same time, we are dealing with a nice display on the screen.
Designed with a frequency of 60 Hz, this TV has a better rendering compared to its competitors, in the same category.
In addition, Kiano has decided to use its mastery of advanced technology on this device, which allows it to benefit from a high quality HD image resolution.
Thus, the Kiano Slim TV 22 allows you to have a device in another room (the kitchen for example), without too much affecting your budget.

Slim TV 22 from Kiano – The sound

For those who are not too demanding in terms of quality or sound rendering, this model is interesting. Indeed, the audio system is a little short. Which is normal for this entry-level device.
The equipment consists of  two loudspeakers and a power output of 3 W.

In short, sound is not the characteristic that will make you buy the Slim TV 22 Kiano. Low quality; enough choice to listen to the news or let children watch their educational programs.

Slim TV 22 from Kiano – Embedded intelligence

For the software part, the Slim TV 22 Kiano has an operating system Android 9; You will have plenty of time to discover the world of entertainment.
This TV offers you the choice of connectivity: Whether through its Wifi function, or through the local network with other devices or computer devices (fixed or mobile computers, NAS synology for example), your TV Slim TV 22 is communicating.

Slim TV 22 from Kiano – Its connectivity

Its connectivity is decent for a basic range. You’ll have little choice.
With a number of connections below the average of its range, you will have to choose which appliance(s) in your home you need to connect to your TV.

It is with 7 possible connections that this Slim TV 22 is presented. The Kiano considers that with theSlim TV 22 the consumer will have to make a precise choice because he won’t be able to connect many devices at the same time .

You have the following connections at your disposal:
1 USB port, 3 HDMI ports, 1 audio output, 1 antenna input, 1 component plug (Video)

Presentation of the technical features of the Kiano Slim TV 22

Here is a summary of the technical characteristics of the television set:

Characteristic Value
Sizes of the television without stand 72.99 x 46.99 x 9.6 cm
Screen resolution HD
Display system LED
Display frequency 60
Sound power 3
Wifi Yes
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-S2 DVB-C 
Number of tuners 3
Number of USB ports 1
Number of HDMI ports 3
Number of audio outputs 1
Composite Input (Video) Yes
VESA compatibility Yes
Ethernet Yes

Our conclusion on the Kiano Slim TV 22

Finally, this new Kiano Slim TV 22 is the TV to buy if you are not very careful about the options, or if you are looking for an alternative to troubleshoot.
It’s a smart choice for this TV. HD resolution for daily use. In a few years the prices of Ultra 8k will have dropped.

Finally, we will note all the positive points that are to be added to the credit of this television set. Here are 3 that I find interesting:
the sound power, the display frequency.