Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″ : the television Ultra HD 4K

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″ : A Ultra HD 4K that makes the difference ?

Today we are going to analyse the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″, a mid-range television from Xiaomi. An review to check the capacities of this model.
First of all, regarding the size of the screen, we are facing a 81.5 inches.
We are dealing with a rather large model.
In addition this Xiaomi displays a Ultra HD 4K resolution.  With a diagonal of 81.5 inches, this mid-range model canbe considered as a rather cheap television .
Should we let ourselves be convinced by this Mi TV LUX 82″ Xiaomi ? All answer elements just after.

TV design presentation Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″

The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″ appears as a real masterstroke of the brand regarding both its interior and exterior design.
The shapes are balanced and the overall rendering is beautiful to look at. A successful mid-range model.
A mid-range television set that relies heavily on its design and the quality of its materials; arguments that Xiaomi has been promoting for some time now on these products. All this for a price that stays contained.

TV screen presentation Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″

The designers of Xiaomi have made this new TV set Mi TV LUX 82″. A new mid-range model with the characteristics of its time, a well calibrated image, and a high-performance processing.

The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″ is available in the Ultra HD 4K resolution. Xiaomi presents this Mi TV LUX 82″ with a screen of 81.5 inches; this television is at the top of its range. Whatever the characteristics, it is still a beautiful screen. On this point, don’t worry.
By providing it with a frequency of 48 Hz, this television sets itself below its competitors. The game mode is to be avoided, as well as the cinema mode, due to the delay that can occur in the image.
In addition, Xiaomi has decided to use its mastery of advanced technology on this device, which allows it to benefit from a high quality Ultra HD 4K image resolution.
To conclude the display part, we could say that it is interesting and effective; it is a mid-range TV that is worth the detour.

TV sound presentation Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″

It is the custom to say that a good sound comes from a device with a lot of watts, however Xiaomi has managed to combine average audio system power with very good sound quality.

Finally, if we have to summarize the sound of the Mi TV LUX 82″ up, it is the word perfection that stands out.

In short, the sound is enough to cover your everyday needs. The Mi TV LUX 82″ Xiaomi is not designed for home cinema. That’s not what we are expecting.

Mi TV LUX 82″ from Xiaomi – Embedded intelligence

As with many other TV sets, the Mi TV LUX 82″ has its operating system MIUI TV 3.0 (Android); It will allow you to happily explore a number of entertainment options.
You will also be able to access the Internet, either through your Wi-Fi connection, or for the most geek among you via the LAN; you will then be able to download a whole bunch of applications and movies.

Mi TV LUX 82″ from Xiaomi – Its connectivity

As for the connectivity aspect on Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″, it provides you with sufficient elements.
You will have few choices regarding connections. This TV has less than most of its competitors.

This model has a total of 4 connections, not too bad. The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″ is at the bottom of its range. Not great compared to its competitors.
In clear, the connections available on this model are:
1 USB port, 1 HDMI port, 1 audio output, 1 component plug (Video)

Presentation of the technical features of the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″

Here is a summary of the technical characteristics of the television set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 75.94
Screen size in inches 81.5
Screen resolution Ultra HD 4K
Display frequency 48
Wifi Yes
Tuners available
Number of tuners 0
Number of USB ports 1
Number of HDMI ports 1
Number of audio outputs 1
Composite Input (Video) Yes
HDR Compatible Yes
HDR Dolby Vision Compatible Yes
Dolby Digital Sound Yes
DTS Sound Yes
VESA compatibility Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet Yes
Power consumption 500 W

Mi TV LUX 82″ from Xiaomi – The conclusion

Finally, this new Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 82″ is a television set that can go anywhere; it can meet the majority of needs.
Xiaomi chooses 4k technology. A wise choice that allows you to face a device with a well-defined image and quality sound rendering. It’s beautiful and powerful at the same time.

In short, many positive points that make this TV a very good product. The following 3 points should be remembered:
the screen size, the display frequency, the available RAM.